For a band that broke up in 1970, The Beatles are still rather prolific release-wise. Now they have a box set of Christmas singles coming just in time for, well, Christmas.

While not actually releasing anything in the way of a Christmas album during their prolific 1960s chart reign, the band were very good to their loyal fans – or “Beatle People”. This included the release of seven exclusive singles from 1963 to 1969 that were mailed out to their aficionados at Chrissie.

While they were relatively crappy flexi-discs – flimsy, poor quality plastic things – this new box set has the original recordings pressed onto 7″ vinyl. Featuring messages from the Fab Four as well as the odd song and other silliness, they’re all housed in reproductions of the original sleeves, which are in turn housed in a very red box. There’s also a 16-page booklet included, which has recording notes and reproductions of the newletters that accompanied the original flexi-disc mail-outs.

It’s an official release from The Beatles, and will be available from December 15, which is cutting it fine as a Beatlesesque Chistmas pressie. We reckon there may be a few IOUs flying around this festive season.

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