STACK‘s Roving Reporter stops in at JB Hi-Fi Blacktown Home (NSW) to chat coloured vinyl and Sydney’s punk-metal pedigree with Ned Jankovic, CD/DVD Co-ordinator.

It’s one thing to get recognised at Sydney music festivals as “that long-haired guy from JB”, and another to sell a local kid a copy of your own CD. But it’s that Hannah Montana life that Ned Jankovic is living, as both guitarist with acclaimed post-hardcore band Awaken I Am (touring across Oz next month!) and CD/DVD Co-ordinator at JB Hi-Fi Blacktown Home. “I started off as a Christmas casual at Castle Hill [10 years ago], and eventually moved up to good ol’ Blacktown,” says Jankovic.

While the store clientele’s music taste is “pretty mixed”, Jankovic says that the cream of the punk-metal crop seems to float to the top. “People love their Northlane, their Parkway Drive, their Amity Affliction – which I’m stoked on,” he smiles.

Northlane’s Alien joins Thy Art Is Murder’s Human Target (both out now, and we’ve interviewed both bands this month) as titles Jankovic says’ll go off at the store – not least because of their connections to Western Sydney. “Well, Marcus [Bridge, vocalist for Northlane] doesn’t live here any more – but he used to! They’ve legit recorded just down the road.”

They loyalty of metal/punk fans isn’t just geographical – really, it’s a commitment to the whole genre, especially when it comes to physical product. “They’re just so dedicated,” Jankovic says.

While Jankovic began his music-listening career with “the poppiest of pop” – Michael Jackson’s Bad – he credits the Rage, Late Night Rage and Recovery television shows with expanding his palate towards Metallica and Pantera. “After that? Anything rock,” he says. “I discovered bands like the Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Green Day.”

As for the practicalities of his contemporary listening habits, you could say he’s into vinyl. “I have a pretty insane collection, and a lot of it is coloured,” he says. “Anything from Unified – they do the best kind of splatter. I’ve got a Beartooth record which has oranges and reds and blacks; it looks amazing. I got it at the concert – it was limited to 50 – and I was like ‘Yep! Yoink!’ I love collecting coloured vinyl.”

Check out the ridiculously cool coloured LPs currently on offer at the JB site, and slip into JB Blacktown some time to chit-chat punk with Ned.