STACK‘s Roving Reporter stops in at JB Hi-Fi Brisbane – Queen St (QLD) to chat music with Music Co-Ordinator Shayna Gannon.

If you prefer your own couch and a sweet evening breeze to one square foot of floorspace and a hot, beer-sour draft, Shayna Gannon’s Live Music Method may be for you. “I’m right in the hub [of Fortitude Valley] – next door to the Tivoli – and I get to sit out on the balcony and listen to all the music for free, basically!” laughs Shayna. The Music Co-ordinator at Brissie’s Queen Street store moved to Australia from New Zealand a few years ago, and has nestled herself into the Oz music life.

“Coming here has opened my eyes; I was purely unaware about how much good music comes from Australia!” she says. “Most CDs that I really enjoyed of 2018 were Australian bands, which is wild. I would say some of the best music in the world comes from Australia.” So, who does she rate? “I really loved Ocean Alley [Chiaroscuro] – I was pretty stoked when they came out at #1 on the Hottest 100. DMA’s’ For Now was one of my favourites too, and I really liked the new Luca Brasi, Hockey Dad, and DZ Deathrays.”

Shayna has “tons” of vinyl back in New Zealand, but is slowly building up a new collection, the last addition to which was the new live City and Colour album Guide Me Back Home – “I am obsessed with Dallas Green,” she smiles.

A more recent releases she’s bang-into, and is about to purchase on the JB-exclusive green vinyl, is Bring Me The Horizon’s amo. “I love it, and I’ve loved [the band] right from the start, from Suicide Season [2008] – I grew up on them,” she explains. It’s a divisive title among her workmates, who Shayna says are super eclectic with their own tastes. “My God, these guys buy the most obscure stuff,” she laughs. “It’s unbelievable. And they go really in-depth with their conversations about music. Our Counter Co-ordinator plays in a band and he loves The Bronx, and MF Doom, but he also wanted Ariana Grande’s Sweetener on vinyl. Our store is filled with variety in what our staff like – it’s really cool.”

Ariana Grande is one of those artists whose titles are popular with the clientele at Queen Street store; Shayna says it’s new release pop which really does the dash. “Our vinyl section has grown like crazy since we moved from Adelaide Street; we get a lot of vinyl customers, and it’s pop that’s [most popular]: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Samantha Jade,” she says.

And, of course, that one title which just won’t leave the vinyl chart: “The Queen soundtrack – Oh my God!”