A Tribe Called Quest – they of hip hop classics such as Electric Relaxation, Jazz (We’ve Got) and Can I Kick It? – have announced an album of new material, their first in 18 years. 

Producer and MC Q-Tip dropped the info by way of a hand-written letter to the band’s Facebook page, describing the intense energy and motivation to record the group felt after performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in November 2015.

Four months later founding member and MC Phife Dog was dead, due to complications from his diabetes, but he’d lit the spark the others needed: “As you may know we lost our BROTHER may GOD REST HIS SOUL on March 22nd, but he left us with the blueprint of what we had to do,” Q-Tip writes.

The new album is due out November 11 via Sony.

Read Q-Tip’s full letter below >>