Perfect Illusion is the name of the new single from Lady Gaga – and it seems Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker had a big hand in it.

In an interview with UK radio station Kiss FM, Lady Gaga said the song – which also features Mark Ronson and Josh Homme – was first brought to her by the Australian artist. “Kevin Parker was the one who really brought in this concept of illusion,” she said. “It was his brainchild. We transformed the song, stripped it back; me on piano, Kevin on guitar or drums – or whatever… he plays everything! – Mark at the bass, and started to figure out what sort of illusion we were talking about.”

In a separate interview on BBC Radio One, Lady Gaga revealed that the new album will also feature contributions from Beck, Father John Misty and Florence + The Machine.

“Me and Florence do a duet together,” she said. “To me, she is, if not the best, one of the greatest vocalists in the world, she is incredible. And I would say the same about the musicianship of Beck, of Father John, of Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson. These guys are foolishly amazing and how cool is that they inducted me into the boys club and treated me as an equal in the studio.

The album’s name and release date are still to be confirmed but Lady Gaga says it will definitely be out this year.

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