If you were to list all the world’s bands with Simpsons-influenced names you’d, well, use a lot of internet. From the well-known like Fall Out Boy to the lesser known such as I Voted for Kodos, the TV show has been a well of inspiration for many – including these 10 Aussie/Kiwi acts.


Hockey Dad
The Windang surf rock duo took their name from a video game that Bart and Milhouse were playing in the Season 15 episode ‘The Regina Monologues’.

This Perth trio released an EP back in 1997 called Big Town Small Chip, which was recorded by You Am I (and a zillion other ace Aussies) producer Wayne Connolly.

Yep, more Simpsons-influenced Perthicans, they nabbed Springfield’s forefather’s forename as their name. Remember, “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man”.

Itch-E and Scratch-E
The dance thing of Paul Mac and Andy Rantzen – aka Boo Boo & Mace – may have changed the names of everybody’s fave psychopathic cat and mouse duo slightly, but the influence was obvious. Well duh!

You Don’t Win Friends with Salad
Our fave name here, this is what Brisbane death metallurgists Jaymie, Ezra, Felix, Adam, Jake and Jason decided to call themselves. The original congamafied quote appeared in Season 7 episode ‘Lisa the Vegetarian’, along with Paul McCartney and his wife Linda.

This trio of Sydney pop-punks are obviously three people who, like the kid’s mother, think Milhouse is cool.

Oooooh! A late ’90s New Zealand outfit whose members seem to have gone to other bands with less-inspiring names than this one, this was taken from the Season 5 episode ‘Boy-Scoutz ’N the Hood’.

Rex Banner
One for the hardcore Simpsons fans, this Sydney punk mob may have gone, but their appropriation of the name of the US Treasury officer who replaced Clancy Wiggum when prohibition was declared in Springfield (Season 8 episode ‘Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment’) lives on.

OK, so they spelled it wrong, but there’s no doubting where this Melbourne five-piece got their name from. Forming in 1991, they may have been the first to plunder The Simpsons for a name, too – the “word”, as invented by Bart and defined as “a big, dumb, balding North American ape… with no chin” appeared in the first season episode ‘Bart the General’.

Dr Colossus
This Melbourne doom core duo (one of whom doubles as Vance Joy’s touring bassist) mean it man – they didn’t just nab their name from the Simpsonsverse’s Radioactive Man comic, they also write all their songs with a certain Simpsonian flavour. These range from ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders’ and ‘Thrillho’ through to this love song to Monty Burns from Smithers…