were-all-gonna-dieFrontman for Californian rock band Dawes, Taylor Goldsmith, answers a few queries about the group’s new album We’re All Gonna Die.

Q1/ Tell us about the When The Tequila Runs Out video – does the blonde poodle-haired guy with the Potter glasses [Griffin Goldsmith, drums] own the blonde poodle-haired dog with the Potter glasses?

Those were a lot of our best friends. The dog’s name is Lambert and he belongs to my buddy Thom, who’s the guy with the tennis-racket-as-guitar in the video.

Q2/ You’ve said these songs were all written in the same small bracket of time – was it intentional, or did it just happened to be a period of prolificity?

 I just felt like I was in a good place after finishing the last record and didn’t want to slow down. If it were up to me, we’d be releasing music every six months or so but I just can’t write that fast.

Q3/ There are tiny clucking woodblock noises at the end of Roll With The Punches that somehow add volumes to the feel of those phrases. How do you make decisions on something like that?

Moments like that are definitely intended to elevate the section without really making it clear to the listener as to how. Griffin is so good with finding those percussion instruments and parts that really help shape the dynamic of a section in new, unexpected and sometimes subliminal ways.

Q4/ You guys recorded previous album All Your Favourite Bands in a live set-up, all together did you do the same with We’re All Gonna Die?

If the tracks of the last record were created on a stage, the tracks for this record were created in the studio. We wanted to find new ways of presenting our songs, try to get the impression back to that feeling you got when you didn’t know what a bass or what a guitar or what a keyboard sounded like, and it all just hit you as music. We had a great time creating sounds that were really bizarre and fresh to our ears, but still appropriate to the song.

We’re All Gonna Die is out now via ADA/Warner.

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