kings-of-vegas22-year-old former The Voice champion Harrison Craig has just released his buttery-smooth third album, Kings Of Vegas.

Q1/ Which section of the jazz orchestra do you most identify with, when you’re listening to a piece?

I think it depends on the arrangement of each song, but generally speaking, the drumming aspect of every song really gets me going. Of course, when a song ramps up to a key change or tempo change, then it’s a different story; I’m so into the song by then, I find myself immersed in it. I find I am particularly quick to this when I’m listening to songs on vinyl.

Q2/ With well-known standards like Fever or I’ve Got You Under My Skin, how do you deliver them from your own heart?

With any song, everyone naturally fills the emotion of listening to or singing it with memories of their own; I find this is even more true when I sing timeless classics that have a place in the hearts of everyone around the world. Leading with my emotion in a song is paramount to me. You have to be more than 100% invested to achieve what you’re after whenever and wherever you perform.

Q3/ I think everyone has an idea of what Route 66 is like, whether they’ve been there or not! How was your experience of it, and did the effects of the landscape make their way into your singing style?

As most people know, Route 66 is an American icon that has been immortalised in the song Route 66 and mentioned in many others. Travelling down this historic road, I get to thinking about the pioneers of our time both past and present, and how they travelled down the same road as I. The landscape is so barren that it leads you to thinking a lot, and I find this both calming and exhilarating. I find myself thinking about arrangements of songs, and thinking back to my latest trip down Route 66; it drove the feeling that some songs should be beautifully bare in their sound and feeling, and give both the singer and the listener a powerful emotional moment.

Kings Of Vegas is out now via Universal.

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