Part-way through the tour to promote The Laurels’ most excellent sophomore album Sonicology, we chatted to vocalist/guitarist Luke O’Farrell. Keep scrolling for live show dates!


Q1/ Tell us a little about the hip hop techniques you’ve employed on this record – did you begin with beats?

Certain tracks like Clear Eyes and Frequensator started out as beats on our samplers, but for the other tracks it was moreso the methods we were using in post production. We were working with sketches of songs we’d brought from home and encouraging each other to lay down any ideas that popped into our head to use as source material. We would then create samples out of those ideas, finding ways to manipulate and re-purpose them – that could involve sampling a guitar line, chopping it up on an MPC and replaying it so it sounds like a mellotron… The sampler ended up becoming one of the main instruments on the album because it was used to trigger and sequence so much of what’s going on.


Q2/ Did you have a plan for sourcing the verbal samples, or was it a matter of just digging around everywhere until you found something you liked?

It was a bit of both… It was really about using samples that linked to the context of the lyrics and would expand on a song’s backstory. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t fit them all on there. We actually had a mate come in to redo an Alfred Hitchcock quote but we couldn’t stop laughing every time we played it back so had to take it off.


Q3/ You have tour dates coming up; have you amended your approach to playing live?

The first few weeks of rehearsals were hilarious because we had no idea what we actually played on the record – a lot of the audio has been so warped and twisted that it’s hard to decipher. There’s three of us triggering samplers live now which adds another layer to the sound and helps us get a bit closer to the feel of the record (as long as we manage to keep them all in time for the duration of the song).

Sonicology is out now via Rice Is Nice.

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There are still some dates left of the tour! Check ’em out, with ticket links, below >>

Friday, 11th November
The Northern, Byron Bay
Tickets: Free Show

Saturday, 12th November
The Imperial, Sydney
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, 18th November
Badlands, Perth
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 19th November
Highway Hotel, Bunbury
Tickets: Free Show

Friday, 25th November
Hotel Gearins, Katoomba
Tickets: Sticky Tickets

Saturday, 26th November
Rad Bar, Wollongong
Tickets: Moshtix

Friday, 2nd December
Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Tickets: Oztix