McClymonts EndlessMollie McClymont chats to STACK about the very personal new album by herself and her sisters, Endless.

Q1/ Sam has said that telling your own personal stories within your tracks is very important – do you think that country music in particular is inclined to default to common themes (trucks, girls whiskey) or is that a misconception?

I think it’s just a perception that that is what country music is. The country I know has always gone a lot deeper… Yes, there are songs about [those things]. but the country music I know and write about goes past that. We write about our own experiences, straight from the heart, and hope that our stories connect with the audience by them feeling we wrote the song for them.

Q2/ How do you put your beautiful harmonies together? Do your parts come very rapidly and or do you spend quite a bit of time trying different options?

Most of the time our harmonies come quick and naturally. There are certain songs that take longer to nail and have tricky harmonies. When recording, we like to ask the producer if he can hear any different harmonies that sound cool that aren’t so typical to give our songs an edge.

Q3/ Brooke went to Nashville this year; what do you think is it about that place that makes it such an enduring mecca for country artists?

We have all been to Nashville many times, even living there for six months and touring the States. Everyone in Nashville is a musician trying to make it or has made it, so the place is full of energy. Music is being played in every bar and restaurant, every night of the week, so it’s just a place where everyone gets it; you can’t help but be inspired. It has everything you need if you want to make musi c- producers, musicians, engineers, record labels, publishing companies, the lot!

Q4/ The idea that Andy Mak has such a great connection with you guys because he understands the sibling dynamic (particularly in making music) is super cool. Do you think it’s something to do with trust and/or being able to be far more honest than you might otherwise be with somebody else?

You need to feel 100% comfortable with your producer and collaborator. Andy is a person we had an immediate connection with. He is insanely talented, the fact he makes music with his brother, the way he writes songs, finds different harmonies all make us drawn to him. When you are comfortable with someone, thats when you can open up and all the honesty comes out.

Q5/ Tell us about working with Ronan Keating – did you present him with the finished track (When We Say It’s Forever) or did he contribute any ideas?

When sitting down to write this song Brooke, Andy and Tom knew they wanted to write a duet. When the track was finished we all sat down and discussed who we could hear singing it with us, and Ronan was number one. We thought it would suit his vocal, and we had recorded with him before so we knew he would put his magic on the song. He put his own spin on the song and made it his own which we couldn’t of been happier about.

Endless is out January 13 via Universal.

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