breakin-outta-hellYep, they’re derivative. Sure, their lyrics are big, dumb and obvious. But Airbourne are a glorious celebration of the inner bogan in us all.

They follow the AC/DC formula – no ballads, no bullshit, delivering anthems for the common man. Frontman Joel O’Keeffe is a mix of Bon Scott and Angus Young; you can just see his cheeky grin as he rips out another monstrous riff and declares, “It’s all for rock ’n’ roll!” Rock might no longer be cool – whatever that means – but Airbourne remain loud and proud. And thrilling. “I know what I got,” O’Keeffe declares in Get Back Up. “And you can’t take it away.”

Breakin’ Outta Hell is out now via Spinefarm Records/Caroline.

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