Ali Barter A Suitable GirlSince at least 2013’s Run You Down, Ali Barter’s music has always had a feminist edge, but the lead-in to A Suitable Girl has remodelled the malleable Melbourne songwriter as a contemporary riot grrrl.

Invoking the fist-swinging riffs and lyrical bluntness of alt-rockers like L7 and Veruca Salt, A Suitable Girl is Barter uncaged. Part of that delivery is weighing the conflict between love and frustration: for every blazing riposte like Girlie Bits there’s a smouldering love song like Please Stay; for every beguiling stomper like Delilah there’s a tender cut like Tokyo. Of all the guises Barter’s tried on, this one suits her best.

A Suitable Girl is out now via Inertia.

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