calicoreviewA psyche-bent, laid-back-fuzz country excursion to the 13th Floor Elevators meets Wilco (no, really) – these cats have been making extraordinary music for over eight years.

We’d bet Anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre has a few of their LPs stored in a safe place. There’s a Butthole Surfers-playing-a-retirement-home kink to this 12-track joy; a creepy and infectious undertone that Velvet Underground-s into the consciousness. They’re not to be fully trusted, able to punch you in the face or indeed subdue you into an uneasy comfort zone on Terror Ignot – a swirly ride through hippies and bubble-blowing in the afternoon sun, all without a hint of irony or hipster bullsh-t. These guys are great – you need this.

Calico Review is out now via Mexican Summer.