There are many reasons for owning a digital microphone. You may want to record your own podcast, or a YouTube instructional video on how to take the lid off a jam jar without spraining your wrist.

Whatever your call to broadcasting action, you’ll want a mic that won’t have you sounding like you’re recording in a toilet or send you broke, and the Audio Technica’s AT9934USB mic isn’t a bad option at all.

This latest addition to their USB mic collection offers simple connectivity to your PC. The mic is perfect regardless of whether you’re streaming to your Twitch fans or recording the latest episode of your podcast. The newly-designed microphone circuit allows for crisp, exceptional transmission of audio, with minimal disruptions to quality.

With the seemingly endless growth of online content production, it’s imperative for producers to get their point across clearly. The AT9934USB is easy to set up and comes with everything you need to get going straight out of the box. The mic itself comes equipped with an LED display on the body showing volume and mute options, allowing for simple monitoring, and included is a convenient tripod, letting you place your mic exactly where you want it. A headphone jack also allows you to hear just how good you really sound as your content is being recorded.

Without compromising quality, this is a cost effective option to get your broadcasting career off with a bang.

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