faithful-satelliteHas there been an Australian artist more prolific and consistent than Joe Camilleri?

Regardless of whether he’s got a record deal or radio play, Camilleri simply continues to do one thing: churn out quality music. Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons are in the ARIA Hall of Fame; surely it’s time for The Black Sorrows to be inducted?

Their 20th album showcases a stellar line-up: Claude Carranza (Kids In The Kitchen) on guitar, Mark Gray (Wa Wa Nee) on bass, Angus Burchall (John Farnham) on drums, and jazz great John McAll on keyboards. These guys can play anything, and Faithful Satellite traverses bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, reggae, rock, gospel and soul. And props to Camilleri’s long-time lyricist Nick Smith, who creates vivid images: “And that cold grey moon will be rising soon to watch over me … as we roll into the night, with our faithful satellite.” Camilleri delivers the words with a vitality that singers a third his age would love to have. “It’s the last time I’ll trudge through the streets of this town,” he declares in the record’s final track, Into Twilight, before adding: “I ain’t sayin’ farewell.” Of course he’s not. He’ll never stop. He can’t. The music is in him.

Faithful Satellite is out now via Head Records.

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