brian-cadd_bulletproofMolly Meldrum once introduced Brian Cadd to Elton John: “Brian is probably to Australia what you are to England.”

But Cadd is perhaps more our version of Leon Russell, an underappreciated musical great. “I’m just an ordinary guy,” Cadd sings in the title track of his first album in 11 years. But there’s no doubt he’s a legend. He’s written classics such as A Little Ray Of Sunshine, Don’t You Know It’s Magic, Elevator Driver, Ginger Man, Woman You’re Breaking Me and Marshall’s Portable Music Machine (and auditioned for the David St. Hubbins’ role in Spinal Tap).

Here, Cadd reclaims some songs originally recorded by other artists, including Love Is Like A Rolling Stone (The Pointer Sisters), I Still Can’t Believe It’s True (Joe Cocker) and Yesterday Dreams (Bonnie Tyler), and uncovers some new gems, including the beautifully boisterous Long Time ’Till The First Time. Just as Sharkmouth breathed new life into the career of his good buddy Russell Morris, Bulletproof shows there’s a lot of life left in Brian Cadd. In fact, I don’t think he’s made a better album; these songs have a spirit that can’t be denied. Not bad for a bloke who’s just turned 70. Bulletproof, indeed.

Bulletproof is out now via Caddman/MGM.

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