Reflection Brian EnoEno is a sonic cat who deserves his own planet.

From recording a metal lampshade in the mid-’60s (what he credits as perhaps his first foray into ‘ambient music’) to being chief knob-twiddler and space overlord with an esoteric aesthetic in Roxy Music – to then lending his skills to some of the most popular artists of the 20th century (remember when U2 were actually cool?; and of course God himself, David Bowie). All the while he’s produced consistently challenging solo material, whether it is purely experimental soundscapes or indeed pop excursions into upsetting the most rigid of apple carts.

His latest here is simply one piece of composed brain food that runs just under an hour and is one continuous track. As you listen, one can imagine this continuation of his The Ship album – yet denser, deeper, darker, and all the while challenging you to let go of all you know and drift into mental states unashamed, unabashed and unchartered. One second you’re flying past Saturn, the next you’re discovering sea creatures you’ve never imagined, and all the while you’re looking inward into what it all means to your subconscious; Eno has that effortless ability.

It’s not for everyone, nor should it be, as we also trust Mr Eno has never dined at McDonald’s and never will.

Reflection is out today via Warp/Inertia.

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