Cloud Nothings Life Without SoundSometimes, when you polish a rough rock for long enough, you will discover it was a diamond all along.

On their fourth album, Cloud Nothings have delivered a mature, solid evolution; when the Cleveland trio emerged with the lo-fi buzz of 2012’s sophomore effort Attack On Memory, there was the ambition (and potential) to be more – frontman Dylan Baldi certainly thought so. With Life Without Sound Baldi’s vision for more substantial, guitar-driven rock is almost complete. While the scornfully brash Strange Year and Sight Unseen will appease traditional Cloud Nothings fans, the remainder of the album is far more polished. Enter Entirely and Internal World shine brighter than others although themes of liberation and catchy hooks are littered throughout. Look at that, you’ve found yourself a gem.

Life Without Sound is out now via Inertia.

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