Live At Manly ValeThis Sydney gig, in June 1980, coincided with the release of Cold Chisel’s breakthrough album East.

Fresh from nailing their sound in the studio for the first time, this is Chisel at their best: rough, raucous and brimming with confidence. Ten of the East songs are showcased, plus covers of Shakin’ All Over (a thrill for Chisel completists) and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, which Barnesy dedicates to their roadies Alan Dallow and Billy Rowe, who died in a crash two months before. Cold Chisel have sold nearly seven million albums in Australia, and this record shows why – they’re a killer live band with killer songs.

The Live Tapes Vol 3: Live At The Manly Vale Hotel, June 7, 1980 is available now via Universal.

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