The Kids Will Know It's BullshitWho’s Scott Green? Couldn’t tell you. Who’s got sweet suburban-stoner tunes? Dune Rats, that’s who.

Produced by FIDLAR frontman Zachary Carper, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is everything you’d imagine when LA surfers meet Brisbane punks. Can’t see it? Think driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in an ‘86 Holden Gemini while ripping a shoey. Ok, we’re on the same page now.

Lyrically, The Dunies don’t stretch themselves too far. Does it really matter though, when frontman Danny Beusa chants, “My brother bought us a six pack” (6 Pack) over chocky power chords? You’ll forget I even brought up the subject.

Buzz-kill and current single Scott Green are rowdy fun, although live is where these ones will really shine. Braindead will bring your steering wheel drummer fingers out courtesy of BC Michaels, and Bullshit will leave you craving a weekend tinnie. To quote someone famous, “Do yourself a favour”.

The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is out Feb 3 via Ratbag Records/Warner.

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