Pure ComedyJosh Tillman continues to satirise the concept of being an entertainer with this, his third album under the moniker Father John Misty.

While I Love You, Honeybear was a portrait of Tillman’s marriage, Pure Comedy is full of political rhetoric. Now backed by stunning orchestral arrangements, Tillman’s sound possesses a new, profound quality. Highlights include Leaving LA, a 13-minute insight into Tillman’s career and easily the most transparent we’ve ever heard him. His comedic timing is razor sharp, delivering iconic lines like “The dying man takes his final breath, but first checks his news feed to see what he’s about to miss”(Ballad Of The Dying Man). While we may not always think to turn to him for words of wisdom, Tillman is proving to be a voice of reason, here to stay.

Pure Comedy is out April 7 via Sub Pop/Inertia.

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