Green Buzzard Space Man Rodeo EP“How is 10 tracks an EP?” you ask, scratching your noggin. Like this: each of the songs on Space Man Rodeo is a concise little pie which, when you slice it, spills out the simple but delicious gravy of fuzz guitar and effortless melodies with super clear vocals that make a Gestalt meal of this release.

There’s a Regurgitator-like joy and ease to Space Man Rodeo’s uncluttered gems, with guitar lines which find a couple of bold notes in a straight groove and stick to them while understated synths oscillate, ripple or build; there are no eccentric tricks of vocal fry or crackle, just the doubled voice of Paddy Harrowsmith directing your ear with what seems like zero stress, but enormous effect. “The buzzard takes its flight and circles round its prey… let’s go, right now, today,” he sings on stand-out Tear My Heart Away. After listening to this excellent release it’s hard not to see that line as a likely prediction: Green Buzzard are ready to follow in the shoes of their labelmates, tourmates and sometimes soundmates DMA’s, hooking their talons straight through the Australian brain and into the guts of international attention.

Space Man Rodeo EP is out March 3 via I OH YOU.

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