acoustic-recordingsDylan with better hair and swagger – kinda like the other Beatle/Stone/(insert extremely talented artist of yesteryear here) whom parents warned their daughters about, Jack White is indeed one cool cat.

When he’s not trying to put a 3D pianola roll on the moon from his Nashville ye-olde-gadget compound, he’s pumping out original, deep and engaging music with a performance ability no one can contest. Here’re 18 years of him unplugged, as it were.

Stuff you know, stuff you don’t – stuff he found under the bed, stuff that perhaps should stay ‘lost’– but for the majority, this is a stunning testament to his creative urges and sheer talent spread over 26 tracks spanning White Stripes thru to solo. Simplistic genius on Forever For Her, tear-jerking poetry on Ugly As I Seem, or Top Yourself with an intoxicating bluegrass immersion where if you squint just right you feel yourself floating down an Appalachian voodoo swamp. He’s a genius – and the bastard knows it.

Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998 – 2016 is out now via Third Man/Remote Control.

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