TrickJamie T is back, in a healthier mental space, and sporting a creative freedom previously unseen from the Londoner.

For a few years it seemed Jamie Treays’ cheeky persona was overtaken by crippling social anxiety; not even Jamie T wanted to be Jamie T. But Trick is
a bratty, raucous welcome home party. The album kicks off like a
left right combo; lead single Tinfoil Boy flutters somewhere between pop and rock, buoyed by juddering synths and obscure vocal samples. Alternatively, Power Over Men is like listening to a one-man Arctic Monkeys – a powerful hook, erratic riffs and the kind of reflective vocal that Treays is known for. Robin Hood and Tescoland pick up the pace up while Drones flexes T’s rap credentials.

Trick is out September 2 via EMI

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