SonderlustPresumably named for sonder, 
the obscure sorrow meaning “the realisation each passerby is living
a life as vivid and complex as your own,” ‘sonderlust’ implies a kind of hunger for empathy.

These songs blend the immediacy of pop on the surface with deceptively elaborate machinery, the guts of each track churning with Kaoru Ishibashi’s subtle orchestration. It’s his most accessible record to date: where earlier work was deliciously busy, that business
is quieter here while overt funk and synthpop takes over on tracks like Say Yeah and Can’t Let Go, Juno. But for all that extroversion, Sonderlust 
is immensely sad. Ishibashi’s real-life turmoil spills through, the result being a record yearning to take pleasure in life again, and fearing that such a thing is impossible.

Sonderlust is available September 17 via Pod/Inertia.