Deep Dark Savage HeartIn this crazy modern world we are swamped by music – most of it is meaningless. But some of it is genuine and timeless.

Melody Pool is special. You sense she could have taken the pop path to fame, but she’s chosen a different road; as she declares on her second album, “I’m not trivial.” Pool is signed to a label, but she’s defiantly doing things her own way. “I am pressured to show only light,” she sings in City Lights, “to be filled with all that’s good and bright. But I’m a slave to a darkened mind. And who are you to tell me I’ll be fine?”

As the title suggests, Deep Dark Savage Heart is not always easy listening. But there are some truly beautiful moments, and the album provides a window to this musician’s soul. The standout song, Black Dog, is like a page ripped from her diary: “People often say there’s no time in a day,” she sings, “but there’s way too much time for me. I’m empty and aching, my whole world is shaking, and the black dog has sat at my feet.” Deep Dark Savage Heart is not always pretty. But it could easily be the album of the year.

Deep Dark Savage Heart is out now via Liberation.

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