RTJ3The living swipe right on the mic.

The hip hop collaboration of Atlanta legend Killer Mike and Brooklyn production wizard/rapper Jaime “El-P” Meline shows no sign of slowing down, and just like a fine red wine, Run The Jewels are getting better with age. Their latest record – and third in three years – is raging against the machine, the establishment and anybody else that gets in their way.

El-P’s production is more ambitious than ever before; it’s more layered than the first two records and hits every peak and pit perfectly. Stand-out details include the pinball drumbeat in Call Tickerton and the percussion in Legend Has It – speaking of, if the bass line on the latter wasn’t spawned from the deepest pits of hell, we need to redefine pure evil; that menacing beat perfectly backs Killer Mike’s venomous flow.

Detroit rapper Danny Brown lends a verse to Hey Kids in the most obvious collaboration since, well, Killer Mike and El-P. Panther Like A Panther is El’s most shining opus; he delicately weaves through his verse and beat like a jungle cat stalking its prey. RTJ3 is rounded out by the Zach de la Rocha-featured Kill Your Masters; a parting shot, a middle finger to everyone and a rallying call to all Jewel Runners: run ‘em. 

RTJ3 is out January 13 via Run The Jewels, Inc./Sony.

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