tcrFrom the Sex Pistols to Billy Bragg to Sleaford Mods, extreme divisions in wealth spawn extremely good punk rock, and unlike the Mods’ namesake, anger never goes out of style.

A decade into their career, Sleaford Mods are still resident physicians of all that ails the UK. Named for Scalextric track cars as metaphor for the mundane circuit of working class life, TCR’s five tracks are less keynote speech than the mic drop at the end of one. Jason Williamson’s pub-yob shouts and sneers leap off the grumbling synth and guitar lines of Andrew Fearn. Littered with protest slogans and nods to their noble lineage, Sleaford Mods have seen what the world’s gone through, and can’t stand to watch where it goes next.

TCR is out now via Rough Trade/Remote Control.

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