Lower The BarDevout acolytes of Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, and the rest of the Sunset Strip illuminati, Steel Panther isn’t parody so much as pantomime – a loving, spectacular homage to an era they’d make a deal at the crossroads to resurrect.

There are plenty of reasons to be glad it’s over, but the libidinal licks and sprawling solos on Lower The Bar aren’t any of them. Anyone trying to kickstart their heart in recent years had to choose between watered down, on-the-nose joke bands, but Steel Panther are sincere – one gets the sense they’re probably doing tequila shots in Beverly Hills jacuzzis on the reg. Lower The Bar is a throbbing 11-track run through relationship turmoil, alcohol abuse and steamrolling over anyone threatening to kill the party. In these nihilistic times, why not?

Lower The Bar is out now via Kobalt.

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