57thand9thClearly reinvigorated and showing an alternate to his lute-playing persona of recent times, Sting is offering rare strength when most peers his vintage have long retired on a boat – although coming across like Nickleback fronted by Bono has a limited (albeit loaded) audience.

“This heart’s a lonely hunter”, “Rock stars don’t ever die, they only fade away”, “The future is a just a place we’ve never been…” Really!? This is the same guy who wrote Don’t Stand So Close to Me and So Lonely. No matter – he’s out there sporting a new leather jacket to “jam-out, dude” with Middle America to the faint sound of ‘ker-ching!’ from mainstream radio. It’s slick, safe and will make boomers feel young. Have you heard the new Helmet album yet?

57th & 9th is out now via Universal.

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