sum41_13 voicesWhere do you go when teenage angst has paid off well and now you’re bored and old?

Sum 41’s efforts in later years – a decade since they emerged as Maiden-worshipping inheritors of Green Day’s brattish pop punk – have made for some unsteady propositions, but credit where it’s due, they mostly refrained from revisiting the high school clichés of their younger years. 13 Voices continues to push forward by finding what distinguished Sum 41 in the first place: Dave Baksh, the guitarist who made their first records so thrilling, is back. The record leans more heavily on their metal heritage, delivering every riff and beat with more force at a slower pace. It’s the only right choice for a band with Sum 41’s legacy, and they grab it with both hands.

13 Voices is out October 7 via Hopeless Records/Unified.

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