tkayTkay Maidza is like a steam train: it took a while to gain momentum, but now there’s no stopping her.
The young South Australian’s excellent Switch Lanes EP and an A+ live show have gained the attention of an industry screaming out for more female hip hop artists. TKAY is marbled with intergalactic synths, dancehall vibes and her furious flow. Lyrically, she’s got a lot to say; she lets loose on haters on the Killer Mike-featured Carry On and rallies for peace on the robustly bouncy Drumsticks No Guns with mischievous sarcasm – perhaps the most appealing thing about TKAY. If this is the kind of record being released at 20 by the bubbly Maidza, world domination is inevitable, and I for one welcome our new supreme leader.

TKAY is out now via Dew Process/Universal.

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