TySegallSome things we know about Ty Segall: For the past few years the Californian musician has maintained an extraordinary rate of output.

He’s released albums under his own name and other names, produced various records, and performed with countless bands. His ever-growing catalogue covers punk, boogie, glam rock, acoustic folk, garage and pop. There have been conceptual albums, biographical records, playful LPs and ambitious projects, all united by an inexhaustible work ethic and tireless imagination. But how is it possible that one person can be responsible for such a diversity of sound? Ty himself once speculated that Ty is a myth, or instead a collective of people wearing masks.

This self-titled album, the musician’s second of that name, is an invitation to delve deeper into the mystery. There are deeply personal moments such as the tender love ballad Orange Colour Queen (dedicated to Segall’s girlfriend) and there are flights of psych fantasy into uncharted musical terrain. Some things we may never know about Ty Segall. Long may it remain that way.

Ty Segall is out now via Spunk.