light-upon-the-lakeThis band’s moniker might fool you on two counts.  

Firstly, a name that makes an instant connection to one of pop’s female greats. Secondly, the feminine vocals that entice you on opening cut No Woman. The latter twist is revealed as the voice of Julien Erlich (ex-Unknown Mortal Orchestra) who sure ain’t no dame and is joined in Whitney by guitarist Max Kakacek (ex-Smith Westerns). Their soul-folk debut digs deep into pop history, chiming with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Prince, Neil Young and Robert Fripp. More immediate links might be Mac DeMarco’s lo-fi, or Bon Iver’s intimate demos. Blasts of exultant brass mix with aching lyrics: ‘I left drinking on the city train/To spend some time on the road.’ Melodies to sigh for disguise the sorrow of songs about breaking up, breaking down. At 30 minutes it’s a breezy listen, but one you’ll be returning to for sure.

Light Upon The Lake is out now via Secretly Canadian/Inertia.

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