Did reading our recent retrospective on Jamiroquai’s Emergency On Planet Earth make you spring about, as light-footed as a cat on a hot tin roof, on the d-floor? Then you might wanna add these funky l’il numbers to your Feelgood Dance Classics playlist, stat. 

Johnny Hammond, Los Conquistadores Chocolate 

Jamiroquai mastermind Jay Kay cites the Johnny Hammond track Los Conquistadores Chocolate as a Jamiroquai reference point. Give it a spin and suddenly the Space Cowboy’s sonic universe crystallises, like emerging from an intense ayahuasca experience.

(Jump to around the 1:40 mark if you’re pressed for time.)

Pleasure, Joyous

Kay got the idea for When You Gonna Learn’s string intro from the closing outro strings of that Pleasure track, Joyous.

The Isley Brothers, Harvest For The World

For If I Like It, I Do It, Kay went for a good-natured vibe a la Harvest For The World by The Isley Brothers.

Flora Purim, Moon Dreams 

Heavily influenced by Flora Purim’s Moon Dreams, Kay composed “a freedom track” from a bedrock of Latin-jazz chords in Music Of The Mind.

Herbie Hancock, I Thought It Was You

And here’s just a bonus banger ’cause we could all use a little extra sonic solid gold in our lives rn. Welcome.