Have you ever heard a certain song and sung entirely different lyrics? It’s quite likely that The Simpsons did it. Here are six songs that citizens of Springfield have changed for us forever.


Downtown – Petula Clark
Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (Season 5)

“When you’re alone and life is getting you lonely you can always go OCH! DOONTOON!”

We love you, Willy!


Glycerine – Bush
That ’90s Show (Season 19)

“Spread yellow gunk on my pancake heart
Country churned girl in my grocery cart.
I paid for her dreams, she taught me to cry,
Like watery knives, like rain from my eyes.
I can’t believe you’re not mine.
I can’t believe you’re not mine.

If that’s not like totally awesome and all enough, then there was also the accompanying video for Homer’s band, Sadgasm. Plus he actually had a rare outbreak of sensible thought upon musing, “He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.”


Fame – Irene Cara
Homerland (Season 25)

“Swag! I’m gonna grab forever, something I really don’t need.
Swag! I’m gonna have 40 keychains, and I don’t even have 40 keys!
Swag! More free stuff, more free stuff, more free stuff, more free stuff…”

Homer again. Of course (insert justified Marge grunt here).


Mandy – Barry Manilow
The Last Temptation of Homer (Season 5)

“Oh Mindy, you came and you gave without flaking, but I sent you Bengay.
Oh Andy, you kissed me and stopped me from something and I…”

However, the best was saved for last. Take it, Homer…

“Oh Margie, you came and you found me a turkey, on my vacation away from worky.”


Rock Me Amadeus – Falco
A Fish Called Selma (Season 7)

“Ooh, help me Dr Zaius!
Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius.
Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius.
Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius.
Oh, Dr Zaius.
Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius!”

Yes, it seems they finally made a monkey out of Troy McClure. Now, try getting it out of your head…


Trampoline – Joe Henry
Bart’s Inner Child (Season 5)

OK, so The Simpsons never actually featured this excellent track (uh, that we can remember), but such is the show’s power that we can’t listen to it now without either think-singing or belting it out loud…

“And this time I’m not coming down.
This time I’m not coming down.


Have we missed your favourite? Let us know!