Welcome to the new world, where you’ll hear every fuzzy chord, rim-shot and soaring vocal the way it was intended. Welcome to the SONOS PLAY:5.

The PLAY:5 is the apple of the SONOS family’s eye – the biggest and best speaker in the range, perfect for a lounge room boogie, family BBQs or shower sing-a-longs. Amplify every occasion with your favourite tunes, like you’ve never heard them before. The bass is exact, deep and most importantly, dirty without reverb or echoes, thanks to the three mini – but mighty – woofers.

Behind the sleek black grill there are six speakers and dedicated amplifiers creating a depth of sound you can hear and feel with zero audible distortion, no matter how high you turn the volume up. The PLAY:5 comes with TRUEPLAY, a dynamic, infinitely adaptive tuning system designed to calibrate the speaker – via waving your phone over the walls in your house – based on their location in the room, to analyse and account for any obtrusive walls or objects. I was skeptical about the feature to say the least; I may have even chuckled to myself, but after using its easy to set up wizard I noticed an improvement in my nonagon-shaped living room.

Central to your new way of life is the SONOS app – sleek, easy to use and compatible with almost any streaming service, or if you’re old school, you can plug in the aux cord. The wireless system is set up via Wi-Fi too, not Bluetooth – there’s a big difference. When your phone rings mid-song, or you want to watch your favourite Funny Dog Compilation video on YouTube, the music won’t stop playing – an extremely handy feature for those who live with their phones in their hands.

You don’t have to stop at the solo PLAY:5 either, although it is powerful enough to fill a house with sound; any of the SONOS family can be added to your home-eco-system. At $749 it is at the higher end of the speaker spectrum, but spend just a week with it and you’ll agree it’s certainly value for money, especially when comparing it to the chunkier, more expensive home systems in the market.

Make the leap to the future, be bold, hear music the way it was recorded, forget the world, immerse yourself in your favourite album and dance like no one is watching – because they aren’t. You haven’t left your lounge room.

Get your hands on the SONOS PLAY:5 now at JB Hi-Fi.