The vinyl renaissance is well underway but Audio Technica has been in the turntable business since they were the zenith of phonic technology.

What better way to become part of the analogue revolution than by embracing one of the most trusted brands in the game?


Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Audio Technica LP60

If there is a more crowd-pleasing analogue sound system on the market than the Audio Technica AT-LP60 then we’ve yet to come across it. Amateur and veteran audiophiles alike will find much to admire in this straightforward, user-friendly belt-drive turntable.

Despite the ultra low price tag, Audio Technica has not compromised on the performance and usability of the AT-LP60. The compatibility of the system with corresponding output devices is comprehensive. The LP60 can be hooked up to an AV receiver, an integrated stereo amplifier, a computer, Bluetooth speakers, boomboxes, as well as any sort of device with an analogue audio input.

One minor downside to the AT-LP60 is the inability to upgrade to a superior phono cartridge. Fortunately, the default Audio Technica phono cartridges are superb and the cartridge stylus is easily replaceable, even for the uninitiated.

The belt-drive – the pulley that spins the rubber platter – means that the AT-LP60 is not suitable for DJ use, but with an appealing price, strong functionality and operation simplicity, the AT-LP60 is the perfect turntable for anyone looking to get started in the world of vinyl, or old pros wanting to get reacquainted with their dusty LP collection.

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Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Turntable with USB & Pre-Amp

Audio Technica LP120 USB

There’s a reason that you’ve noticed the AT-LP120 for sale at so many of your local JB stores. While the AT-LP60 is one of the most popular entry-level turntables, the 120 is a persuasive alternative for audiophiles looking for a bit more functionality and adaptability.

One of the most immediate upgrades that the AT-LP120 offers is the USB port at the back of the device, which enables users to convert old records into digital files. The system also comes with more flexibility when it comes to fine-tuning your audio needs, such as pinpointing the degree of downward force of the needle to gain your preferred auditory results.

The LP120 uses a direct-drive rather than a belt-drive. Classic audiophiles may prefer belt-drive turntables because they transfer less motor noise to the needle, but the direct-drive is the turntable system of choice for DJs as well as casual listeners, thanks to their strong revolution, rapid start and stop times, as well as the ability to reverse rotation direction.
Proper set-up is a must for optimum sound quality, but thankfully assembly is straightforward and brief. If you are a newcomer to the turntable scene, the manual does a wonderful job of simplifying the process.

The AT-LP120 is versatile and powerful and represents a compelling option for amateurs, veterans, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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Audio Technica LP5 Direct Drive High Fidelity Turntable

Audio Technica LP5

The AT-LP5 sets the standard by which all other medium-priced turntables ought to be measured. The device is as sturdily built as turntables can possibly be, and the sonic performance is high enough to satisfy even the most discerning audio aficionados. There is no other turntable on the market that does what the AT-LP5 does for such an affordable price.

With so many turntables out there, there is often an inclination amongst brand towards emulation. That is not the case with Audio Technica’s wonderful AT-LP5 system. Audio Technica has done an admirable job at delivering a turntable that has astonishingly little in common with all of the competition on the market. That’s a pretty audacious strategy considering the success of existing brands.

The AT-LP5 emanates quality yet won’t put the same stress on your wallet that comparable systems will. If you are looking to get back into analogue sound with excellence at an affordable price, then the AT-LP5 is your only destination.

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