“I like to listen, like to listen to Beet-hoven…”

It’s not just The Presets’ Julian Hamilton who ‘fesses up to a fondness for Ludwig van on this standout track from everyone’s fave twisted dance duo’s latest, ravetastic Hi Viz album – a handful of female voices from all over the world were also hand-selected to join the party. Fans who have already pored over the liner notes of their vinyl copy of Hi Viz – as you were. But for more casual listeners, below are the four female ‘characters’ the Setties recruited to join their Classical Composer Appreciation Society – four fierce ‘fembots’ to balance out Hamilton’s ‘robot’, if you will.

(Fun fact: the song’s orchestral outro ain’t even by Beethoven; it’s Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor!)


You may recognise KLP (Kristy Peters to her nearest and dearest) from her stint as host/presenter on triple j’s House Party from 2015 – 2018. The Sydney singer-songwriter/producer/DJ is regularly called upon for feat. duty, with 2018’s Goh (What So Not, Skrillex) and Lost (Sharam Jey), Take Me by Slumberjack (2017), and Talkin’ Bout It by Young Franco (2015) just a couple of examples. KLP also remixed There’s A Bear In There (that’s correct, the song from Play School) in 2016, and puts her own tunes out into the world as well. Her latest single Heater dropped last month and it’s a deadset banger featuring insouciant vocals, irresistible bleeps and awesome lyrics that will help you pick up on the d-floor: “I know you want my body heat so join me on the floor… I’m burning like a hea-ter… HOT!”

Ikkyu Nakajima (from tricot)

Ikkyu Nakajima is the vocalist/guitarist for Japanese math-rock band tricot, which formed in 2010 and started their own record label, Bakuretsu Records, in order to release their music. They have released five EPs and three full-lengths to date, and tricot’s second album, AND, was recorded with five different drummers. Could someone please tour this incredible band from Kyoto Down Under? We are now absolutely aching to see them.

Satu Vänskä

Finnish-Australian Satu Vänskä is currently the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Principal Violinist, and is also the curator, frontwoman, violinist and vocalist of ACO Underground: the ACO’s electro-infused, experimental spin-off band. In 2009, Vänskä helped launch the Sensational Sundays concert series at Sydney Conservatorium of Music (both of the Setties – Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes – are Conservatorium alumni) where she played (and you seriously couldn’t make this up) Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata! Within the ACO’s ambitious collaboration with The Presets for Vivid Live 2014, entitled Timeline, Satu sang lead vocals on Kurt Weill’s Alabama Song. You’re probably more familiar with The Doors version: Alabama Song (Whisky Bar). It goes, “Oh, show us the way to the next whisky bar…”


As one of half of Kult Kyss (formerly DEJA), Rromarin sings while Haxx produces. After discovering Kult Kyss when the duo covered their song This Boy’s In Love, The Presets invited them to join their Hi Viz Australian tour, which also included Melbourne-based producer extraordinaire Roland Tings on support duty. Kult Kyss dropped a new single, Rituals, just last month. On this latest track from the pair, Rromrin’s distinctive, extraterrestrial vocal tone elevates infectious, galloping beats and ascending synth lines. Ones to watch.