The BenniesFrom Melbourne to outer space, The Bennies are getting you outta this place.

The year is 2018; The Bennies have put Ms. Frizzle into retirement and brought the Magic School Bus back into service for a 25-minute intergalactic ska party. The guys’ third album Natural Born Chillers never takes itself too seriously, and while the Melbourne quartet dip their feet into the varicoloured waters of reggae, ska, psychedelia and punk, the overall feeling of the album is nothing but good vibes – whether it’s lead single Get High Like An Angel’s rousing chorus, the beating spine of Destination Unknown’s drumline, the frenzy of Ocean or the satirical spoken word Trip Report. A standard day in the life of the band, I assume.

The boys have captured the live energy that has seen them become a staple of the Australian music scene, and if you’re not sure exactly what that energy is yet, I suggest you buckle up, kids – because The Bennies are driving.

Natural Born Chillers is out February 2 via Pool House/Remote Control.

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