Who, pray tell, is the ‘Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll?’

It’s not Elvis Presley – he’s the ‘King’, an honorific usually bestowed on a field’s dominant figure (not founder). And it’s not Little Richard, who’s considered a ‘Godfather’ – the term used for a seminal figure who came further down the line of trailblazers.

The man who sits on the rock ‘n’ roll family pedestal is generally agreed to be either guitarist Chuck Berry – whose template of youthful spirit, memorable guitar solos, and short ‘n’ sharp lyrics refined R&B into what became known as ‘rock’ – or guitarist/inventor Les Paul, whose pioneering experiments into recording, effects, playing techniques and the literal construction of the solid-bodied electric guitar cement his innovator status across genres.

Who do you think it is: the artist or the architect?

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