There’s an entire web of honorific musical patriarchy spreading across space and time, so if you’re looking for a gateway to a new genre, the Father is going to set your sights right.

You may know the Godfather of House (Frankie Knuckles), but have you considered the Father of Bluegrass, mandolin genius Bill Monroe?

Or the Father of Fado (also known as the Sinatra of Fado), being Portuguese luminary and transformer of poetry Carlos do Carmo?

The Father of Contermporary A Cappella, Deke Sharon, whose love of barbershop quartets led to his Musical Directorship of the Pitch Perfect films?

Or perhaps the Father of Afghan Music: composer, sitar-player and official singer in Afghanistan’s royal court in the 1890s, Ustad Qasim?

Among the padres of music history, you might just find your brand new bag.