It’s time for a little musical tune-up to get your motor humming, so we’ve assembled these nine beauties for your Friday eve. Featuring Charli XCX, Gena Rose Bruce, Rebel Yell, Slum Sociable, Bat For Lashes, Dope Lemon, DZ Deathrays, Whitney, and King Princess!

Bat For Lashes, Kids In The Dark

Natasha’s back y’all! Kids In The Dark is some slow-rumbling beauty designed to strip your heart like those stringy cheese sticks my mum would never buy. The new album’s called Lost Girls and it’ll be out September 6 via AWAL, and you can pre-order it here.

Charli XCX, Blame It On Your Love feat. Lizzo

Fertility nymphs, k9 filterheads, sea level survivalists: Charli’s anticipating the future of love and gender in this cracking new single featuring the flawless Lizzo. She reckons modern love is both limitless and “cute as f-ck” , and we’re on board. Also, her album CHARLI is out September 13!

Gena Rose Bruce, I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You

Terribly minimal (chiefly just voice and bass for its majority), I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You slings the light squarely Gena Rose Bruce’s beautiful timbre. Her album Can’t Make You Love Me out is June 28 via Remote Control, and she’s got launch shows coming up in July and August – see details here.

Rebel Yell x Exhibitionist, With You

Rebel Yell and Exhibitionist (Kirsty Tickle) are two pals in total accord on new single With You. Apparently a love of tennis lit the initial kinship, but their shared understanding of the underground Brissie music scene ultimately resulted in this heady goodness.

Dope Lemon, Salt & Pepper

The big smooth cat with lava lamp eyes is gliding across the room in his crocodilly spats, and he wants to shake a li’l salt and pepper about the joint before you float back to his. Sounds peachy. The album’s out on the 12th of next month and it’s next level.

Whitney, Giving Up

Earnest, honest, Chicago-based Whitney are back with another tender tune in the vein of their hugely acclaimed 2016 album Light Upon The Lake. It’s from their upcoming album Forever Turned Around (out August 30 on Secretly Canadian/Inertia), which is about “partnership – romantic, familial and communal, but most importantly a love in friendship: the bonds between two best friends and creative partners and the joy and stress that comes with it.”

DZ Deathrays, IN-TO-IT

The tenth anniversary tour went down a treat, so obviously it’s time for DZ Deathrays to press a wee bit harder on the gas pedal and serve up this new single, as well as announce a fresh album, Positive Rising: Part 1 (out August 30).

King Princess, Cheap Queen

Romantic! Contemplative! Cosy! Mischievous! It’s all here in King Princess’s Cheap Queen, the refrain of which will lodge in your medulla real good. It’s from her debut album, which is, according to the press release, “forthcoming.”

Slum Sociable, Life Is Free

All our hard work (i.e. waiting on our arses) has paid off, because Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch have released this track from their upcoming EP L.I.F. (out August 2 via Liberation). It’s typically haunting and compelling in that soul-jazz way that this duo know how to nail.