In this week’s Tune-up, discover fresh brilliance by Mallrat, !!!, Alex The Astronaut, Luboku, Love Fame Tragedy, Elizabeth, Obscura Hail, Tool and more!

Mallrat, Charlie

IRL cherub Grace Shaw has gifted us Charlie, which is named for her adorable golden retriever. (He makes a cameo in the clip, which also features a horse who is more beautiful than most humans.) The track is from Shaw’s third EP as Mallrat, titled Driving Music and out September 6! (If you pre-order on CD or vinyl now, you’ll get cool bonus signed stuff.)

!!!, This Is The Door

!!! frontman Nick Offer reckons the band had one primary effort in constructing new album WALLOP: “Get loose and get into uncharted territory.”

It’s out August 30 and this new single is mint.

Alex The Astronaut, I Like To Dance

Alex wrote this song after meeting a magistrate who told her about the huge volume of domestic violence cases he saw every single week; the musician then spoke to her friends about it, and realised how many of them had experienced violence in the home as well. The song’s about celebrating women for their “strength, kindness, talents, and dreams, not the violence that they’ve experienced.”

Love Fame Tragedy, Backflip

The Wombats’ Murph has returned under the Love Fame Tragedy moniker, and the excellently-titled album I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I’m Really Good At It is out September 13. Backflip is the new single and it’s a genuine earworm.

Luboku, Forget

Luboku explains his ~*excellent*~ new single thusly: “It’s about anxiety and fear, which I find to be recurring obstacles and that I’m sure many others may relate to… So writing about that experience is quite true to me personally. I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process.”

Elizabeth, parties

Yes, you do recognise Elizabeth’s sweet mug from Melbourne indie-pop act Totally Mild and yes, her solo single parties is as good as you’re expecting. “Parties is about the lack you feel when you lose someone close to you and try to fill the void with cocktails and strangers,” she says. “It’s about the surprising distance you can feel from someone even though you once loved them so hard. It’s a heartbreak banger designed for sad girls and those who love them.”

Obscura Hail, Swear Jar

Sean Conran (RAThammock), Tamara Issa and Steven West comprise Obscura Hail, the newest signing by Dot Dash/Remote Control, and they’re really something; it’s difficult to imagine a peer of Conran’s who could deliver lines like “It helps to swear if you’re hurt” and “There’s a spectrum between words like ‘f-ck’ and ‘damn'” with such sweet, tongue-in-cheek honesty.

They’ll be performing at BIGSOUND, and then some.

Tool, Fear Inoculum

The title track from Tool’s fifth studio album (arriving August 30) is here, and shows that Maynard, Danny, Justin and Adam remain dab hands at the creeping, tabla-sprinkled tales which have endeared them the world over. Read about the insane limited edition version of the album here.



A newie from the hip hop collective, with a neat, weird video directed by lead bandmember Kevin Abstract.

The Darkness, Rock and Roll Deserves To Die

A surprising turn from the English musicians, whose new album Easter Is Cancelled (out Oct 10) will explore “the role of the musician in the barbarous culture of the world today, and their almost divine responsibility to challenge the establishment – something that most rock’n’roll artists seem to have given up on in favour of easy celebrity,” according to singer Justin Hawkins.

City Calm Down, Mother

The latest goodness from CCD derives from their new album Television, arriving August 23.

Siberian Tiger, Plane Spotting

Plane Spotting is the first single from extremely cute boyfrand-girlfrand band Siberian Tiger (The Middle East’s Bree Tranter and Timberwolf’s Chris Panousakis).

Chastity Belt, Elena

The Chastity Belt chicks wrote Elena after having each read the four Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. Typically gorgeous stuff.