It’s Tunesday at STACK HQ, and that means one of our esteemed staff members picks a ditty they’re listening to today and explains why they’re so fond of it. Today’s tune: Blink 182, Dammit chosen by Timbo Lamb-Pie.

Blink 182, Dammit | September 23, 1997

My gateway song; the first time I heard this song on Rage I was shook. I didn’t see who sung it, and unfortunately, accessible Internet was still half a decade away so I waited an entire week to watch Rage just to see the song played again. With my VCR ready I recorded only four minutes of the entire program and it was all I needed. I had never heard music like this before; it was rebellious, expressive and refreshingly different.

Proudly I went to my dad, a long-time punk lover, to show of my discovery. Beaming that I didn’t listen to 5ive or Backstreet Boys (BSB > Nsync forever) he introduced me to Rancid, The Clash, Jello Biafra and Black Flag. Just like that, a lifetime affinity to mosh pits began.

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