It’s Tuesday at STACK HQ, and that means one of our esteemed staff members picks a ditty they’re listening to today and explains why they’re so fond of it. Today’s tune: Headless Chickens’ Gaskrankinstation chosen by STACK’s Amy Flower.

Headless Chickens, Gaskrankinstation | 1990

There are driving songs, and there are driving songs. This classic track from New Zealand’s Headless Chickens ticks both boxes with chunky black texta, as it builds and builds with the madness of the not-remotely-likeable protagonist, Ivan. I don’t recommend listening to it while stuck in traffic…

Gaskrankinstation also brings back memories of an ace gig in Toorak sometime in the 1990s. The Chickens’ equipment melted down, yet they managed to pump out a kick-arse version of it without sequencers.