It’s Tuesday at STACK HQ, and that means one of our esteemed staff members picks a ditty they’re listening to today and explains why they’re so fond of it. Today’s tune: Lou Reed’s Andy’s Chest, chosen by STACK’s Zoë Radas.

The album from which this song comes – 1972’s Transformer – contains three of Lou Reed’s probably best-known belters: Walk on the Wild Side, Perfect Day, and Satellite of Love. But Andy’s Chest has always been my favourite; it’s got these awesomely crisp drums, deep slippedy-slidey bass, a build-up to the triumphant sing-along ending, and just so many absurdist, poetical lyrics (“The funny is thing is what happened to her nose/ It grew until it reached all of her toes/ Now when people say her feet smell, they mean her nose”, and also “Because you know what they say about honey bears/ When you shave off all their baby hair/ You’ve got a hairy-minded big bare bear”).
Bloody love you, Lou. RIP.