It’s Tuesday at STACK HQ, and that means one of our esteemed staff members picks a ditty they’re listening to today and explains why they’re so fond of it. Today’s tune: OMD’s Telegraph, chosen by STACK’s Amy Flower.

Everybody remembers Countdown, but in the early 1980s we also had Rock Around the World four times a week on Channel O/28 (now SBS) – if you could actually tune it in. It was on this show, hosted by Basia Bonkowksi,  that this kid’s ears were changed forever by hearing a band called “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” (still a dumb name). They were doing this really cool pop song called Telegraph, off an album that’s still a favourite to this day, Dazzle Ships.

To then discover that they had three other albums already out made it even sweeter – the likes of Electricity, Enola Gay, Souvenir all there to be discovered. How did I miss these guys, Molly?! Singer bloke Andy McCluskey may be a certifiably crap dancer (bless!), but damn he played a part in some ace pop. If you’ve never had the pleasure, prepare for an earworm invasion…

(Oh, and thanks, Basia!)

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