We rummaged through the vinyl racks with the lovely Julia Jacklin at her local JB store… and now we want to meet her dad. She also chatted about recording her brand new and very beautiful album Crushing – you can check out the full interview here.

Here are some of the gems she picked up…

Avril Lavigne, Let Go (2002)

“I think this is a great album, I mean, I was in a band in high school called Anonymous and we covered Sk8er Boi. I’m With You is a great ballad… good clip too!”

Ariana Grande, Sweetener (2018)

“I also love this record. I listen to this a lot. I love Ariana Grande, she’s a legend. Good pop music, you know?”

Bjork, Post (1995)

“Who can’t love this album? This reminds me of my dad… we used to listen to either Billy Brag or this record. She’s great, I love this album.”

Cowboy Junkies, The Caution Horses (1990)

“When I did Like A Version, people were like, ‘She’s totally copied Cowboy Junkies’, but I don’t know who they are. I’ll have a listen though… and my apologies, world!”

Anna Calvi, Hunter (2018)

“I have Anna Calvi to thank for why I play a Telecaster, because I went through a stage where I listened to her a lot… ‘I want to be as cool as Anna Calvi; I must play a Telecaster, as this is how I will reach peak coolness.'”

Eva Cassidy, Songbird (1998)

“This is a huge record from my childhood, actually. I feel like Eva Cassidy was a massive singing influence on me. I sang Wade In The Water for an audition for Fiddler on the Roof, the musical, when I was twelve. Didn’t get in.”

Julia Jacklin’s Crushing is out now at JB Hi-Fi

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