Dig Down, the first whistle-wetter from Muse’s upcoming (?) album (which they teased a couple of weeks ago, but about which we don’t have any sturdy info) is a rock-solid call to arms – and its clip is totally stunning.

It stars Lauren Wasser (a former model and athlete who lost her leg to amputation after developing toxic shock syndrome, and whose TED talk you should definitely watch) playing an arse-kicking Milla Jovovich type (Resident Evil or The Fifth Element, either works); set in a dimly-lit industrial labyrinth, the first half of the clip follows Wasser’s slow, agonised efforts to pull herself up from some sort of massive explosion. The second half is where she gets Beatrix Kiddo on a bunch of goons, and the direction by Lance Drake recalls arcade platform fighter games.

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy said of the track: “When I was writing this song I was looking to counteract the current negativity in the world and give inspiration, optimism and hope to people to fight for the causes they believe in; that as individuals we can choose to change the world if we want to.”

The lyrics definitely reflect the sentiment: “When God decides to look the other way, and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.”

Give it a watch below, and stay tuned for more Muse info!